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Building From The Back

with Stuart McLaren

Building From The Back – Part 1

Part 1 - Building From The Back

Maintaining possession in the defensive third and building up to attacking situations from there takes lots of practice and game-situation training to make your players comfortable keeping possession under pressure. This first video shows functional practices that will help your goalkeeper and back four defenders be comfortable dealing with possession under pressure in the back third of the field.

Building From The Back – Part 2

Part 2 - Building From The Back

This video progresses from Part 1 and adds center midfielders showing options of how best they can link up with the defenders to provide outlet options.

Building From The Back – Part 3

Part 3 - Building From The Back

Further progressions are shown in this video with the addition of forwards and options to score for both teams.

Creating Space To Score

with Dean Simpkins

Creating Space To Score – Part 1

Part 1 - Creating Space To Score

The first video in this series shows a number of drills to teach forwards to turn with the ball and also introduce the technique of “checking” away before moving to receive the ball to create space individually.

Creating Space to Score – Part 2

Part 2 - Creating Space To Score

Double movements to create space and lose defenders are introduced as well as passes into space in this video.

Creating Space to Score – Part 3

Part 3 - Creating Space To Score

In this video, the double-pass is explained and the importance of playing off the back foot.

Creating Space to Score – Part 4

Part 4 - Creating Space To Score

A third player is now introduced to put the earlier techniques into the early stages of combination play.

Creating Space to Score – Part 5

Part 5 - Creating Space To Score

This video progresses the earlier techniques into a functional game with pressure from defenders. Communication and “cues” are now important so that players know when and were they should pass the ball.

Creating Space to Score – Part 6

Part 6 - Creating Space To Score

The functional practice is now progressed to include more players and small goals.

Creating Space to Score – Part 7

Part 7 - Creating Space To Score

The final progression adds a target player. Players are now creating space for themselves, their teammates and are looking for cues and commmunicating with each other to determine when and where to pass.

Attacking Drills and Exercises (eBook)

Attacking Drills and Exercises
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Scoring goals doesn’t happen by accident. It takes of lots of practice — lots of the right kind of practice. Putting your players in lines and having them take shots on goal just doesn’t cut it. It’s not game-realistic and your players will quickly become bored. The drills and exercises in this eBook will put your players in game-like situations that will encourage creativity and give them confidence to create and take goal scoring chances when playing in games. Incorporate these drills and exercises into your regular training sessions and just watch as your team creates and scores more goals!

Crossing & Finishing Drills and Exercises (eBook)

Crossing & Finishing Drills and Exercises
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Many goals are scored as a result of crosses from wide positions and/or attacks that originate from out wide. Attacking the opposition down the flanks will create 1v1 situations that favor the attacking team and stretch the opponents’ defense to the point of breaking. Flank attacks create all kinds of difficult decisions for defenders: stay and maintain their defensive shape or move wide to help nullify the attack? When your team masters flank attacks with FineSoccer drills and exercises, you’ll have a new range of incredibly effective offensive strategies that defending teams have trouble dealing with.

Technical Drills and Exercises (eBook)

Technical Drills and Exercises
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Professional players use drills to work on improving technique. It’s even more important that youth players constantly and consistently work on and hone techniques like passing, first touch, dribbling, shielding, shooting, and more. FineSoccer technical drills and exercises are simple but effective, and when added to your regular training sessions will dramatically improve the technical level of your players. That technical skill becomes second nature through consistent practice, and shows up in game play.

Defending Drills and Exercises (eBook)

Defending Drills and Exercises
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In today’s game, the vast majority of the world’s top teams defend zonally. Therefore, understanding the defending principles of Pressure – Cover – Balance is critical for young players. This eBook covers practically all aspects of defending whether it’s individual 1v1 defending skills, group defending principles or team defending tactics.

Possession Drills and Exercises (eBook)

Possession Drills and Exercises
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Why is maintaining possession so important? Well one reason is that if you have the ball, the opposition can’t score. But maintaining possession needs to go much further than that. Possession needs to have a purpose…to create and score goals. This eBook will show you how to coach your team in creative and effective passing combinations that will turn possession into goals.

Small-Sided Games (eBook)

Small-Sided Games
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Small-Sided Games are a great way to replicate game situations and are invaluable in training sessions. Professional and youth teams alike worldwide use small-sided games to stimulate problem solving and creativity that lead to brilliant play. Lawrence Fine shows many small-sided games that can be used as a transition from drills and exercises to real game situations. It’s this transition that translates skills and techniques from practice into your game on the weekend.