Diagonal Shooting SSG

By Arthur Bell –

Area – One third of field.
Players x 8.
GK x 1.
Mannequins x 2.
Markers x 2.

Players on both sides of the goal, one player 25 yards from goal behind mannequin and one GK in goal

Players at A and C start with a ball.
Player A passes the ball to player B.
Player B controls the ball and takes it past the mannequin and shoots at goal.
Player A goes to position B, Player B goes to the end of position C.

This is then repeated by players C and D on the other side.

1. Players have a maximum of two touches.

2. Player A passes to Player B who has come short and lays it back to player A.
Player B spins round the mannequin and player A plays the ball into their path.
Player B shoots for goal.
This is repeated on the other side.
Players rotate A to B to C to D to A.

By Arthur Bell

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