Two Goal Finishing Drill

By Arthur Bell –

Area – 1/2 of pitch.
Players – 8 to 10 black, 8 to 10 yellow.
GK x 2
Markers x 7 yellow, 7 red.
Goals x 2 full size.

Player 1 starts with the ball, passes to Player 2, then follows pass.
Player 2 takes the ball to the side and plays an angled pass to Player 3, then follows pass.

Player 3 takes the ball at an angle to pass back to Player 4, then spins through the gate.
When Player 4 spins to receive the ball.

Player 4 receives the ball and plays a through pass to Player 5.
Player 5 receives and shoots.
Player rotation 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 to 5 to Start.

1. Players have a maximum of two touches.
2. Player 5 cuts back to the supporting Player 3.

3. Player 5 opts to shoot or cut back to Player 3.
4. Change sides after a certain time.
5. Make it rotational, Player 5 rotation, goes to start of the other side.

By Arthur Bell

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