Goalkeeper Box Drill

By Matt Carroll –

This is a solid warm up for goalkeepers that can be used for both the teaching of goalkeeping technique and as a physical/mental activation for either a goalkeeping specific session or as a quick way to prepare keepers to jump into an integrated session

Create a 3×3 box with the goalkeeper inside. Passers are placed on each side of the box (with at least two passers) each with a ball.

The drill should last between 20-40 seconds with either rotation of goalkeepers or a short break for a single goalkeepers. The drill starts with the goalie facing one of the passers who is holding a ball. The passer either volleys a ball at the goalies chest, places a low hard shot at their feet, or throws the ball in the air for the goalie to catch. The goalie receives the ball then plays it back to the passer, then turns clockwise to the next passer who again plays one of the three options. Coaches should be focusing on promoting proper technique.

– Coaches can add any other specific technical
– A target for the goalkeeper can be added to include an element of distribution and recovery to the drill

By Matt Carroll

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