Play Out of the Back 4v3 Game

By Arthur Bell –

Area – 40yd x 60yd box.
Goals x 2.
Players x 14.
GK x 2
Mannequins x 3.

Two teams of seven players plus a goalkeeper.
Each team has four defenders in one half of the pitch and three attackers in the opponents’ half of the pitch.
The aim is to play out of defence 4 v 3 and to pass into the opponents half of the pitch to play 3 v 4.
When the play breaks down it restarts from the defending team’s goalkeeper.

1. After the ball has been passed into the opponents’ half, one defender can go forward to support, to play 4v4 in opponents’ half. The defender must return to his own half when the play breaks down.

2. Two touch for the team in possession.
3. The ball can be passed or dribbled by a defender into the opponents’ half.

By Arthur Bell

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