Receive With a Change of Direction

By Matt Carroll –

The purpose of this individual technique drill to provide repetition of receiving into a change of direction with a high level of repetition and variability.

Set up a rebounders about 10 feet in front of a player and ten feet to their left. This can also work in the corner of a room or gym as long as the wall provides a significant rebound.

First the player plays with their right foot against the wall or rebounder in front of them. It may be helpful to have a certain point on the rebounder marked out as the passing target to ensure accuracy. When the ball comes back they should open up their hips and receive the ball with their back foot and take a touch in the direction of the other rebounder. They should then pass the ball with their left foot and repeat the action with the focus on body position, using the appropriate weight on the pass, placing it in a way that it comes to their back foot, and having a touch that plays the ball into the route of their next pass

Variability in this situation is pretty endless but some suggestions are:
-Have the player receive on their right foot with the sole of their foot, then roll the ball over towards their left foot so they can hit it with that one and repeat.

-Play all one touch passes by letting the ball played with the right foot roll across their body and position their body so they can hit the ball squarely with their left, and repeat.

-Receive the ball back square and then perform an L turn to square up to the next rebounder

By Matt Carroll

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