The X Passing Drill

By Arthur Bell –

An area 30 x 30 yards.
Players x 16.
Cones x 8.
Balls x 4.

Four players at each corner.
Second player in each corner has a ball in their hands.

First player in each corner sprints into the small central box and turns 90 degrees to the left.

Continues towards the next corner.

Player with the ball in their hands throws a feed to the incoming player’s head.

They head ball back to the feed, using the chest as the target area. Then turn and sprint back into the central box.

This sequence is repeated at the next two corners.

When returning to their base corner, the feed throws the ball to the incoming player’s head.

The player heads the ball back to the target area and continues their run to back of the line.

When the feed catches the ball, they hand it to the player behind and they sprint into the central box to repeat the sequence.

This is repeated until all four players have completed the sequence.

1. The feed throws to the chest, the incoming player takes one touch on the chest and one touch to pass it back along the ground.
2. The feed passes the ball on the ground, the incoming player takes one touch to pass back along the ground.
3. Individual competitive race
4. Relay competitive race

By Arthur Bell

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