Two Goal Shooting Drill

By Arthur Bell –

An area 40 x 30 yards.
Goals x 2.
Goalkeepers x 2.
Outfield players x 5 – 8.
Supply of balls.

Player A passes into the Player B and makes a supporting run.
Player B sets the Player A up for a shot at goal.
Player A must react and look for any rebounds.

Player B receives a 2nd pass from the coach and switches the play out to the Player C.

Player C dribbles to the end line to cut back to Player B.
Player B makes a run towards the opposite goal and attempts to score from the cross.

Player A takes the place of Player B.
Player B takes the place of Player C.
Player C joins the back of the line and waits to become the starting player.

Player A plays a pass to Player C.
Player C returns the pass.
The sequence then continues as the previously.

By Arthur Bell

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