Two Team Crossing and Finishing Drill

By Arthur Bell –

Area – half field.
Players x 12 – 18.
GK x 1
Cones x 6.
Poles x 3
Balls x 6

Players divided into two groups or teams.
One player in each group at each of their coloured cone.

Player A passes to player B, player A then sprints out wide round the pole to get in a position to cross.
Player B lays the ball off for C.
C passes the ball out wide for A.

Players B and C bend and stagger their run around the middle pole into the box ready to receive the cross


Three new players must immediately move to the cones to get ready for the next sequence.
As the wide player A crosses the ball, the other group (yellow) can start the same sequence.
Play continues in this alternating fashion.

1. Players are restricted to a maximum of two touches.
2. Players play the ball one touch.
3. Players alternate sides.
4. Goals can only be scored with a header or volley.
5. Competitive, first team to score ten wins.

By Arthur Bell

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